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Fresh Food Club - What's in season?

"ideas on the freshest produce this season coupled with gourmet recipes for the freshest produce in town

What's fresh?

Sweet potato

There are good supplies of Queensland grown orange sweet potato (also known as kumara) at your local greengrocer. Extremely nutritious sweet potato are a good source of vitamins A and C, and fibre which is essential for healthy digestion.

Brown onions

Brown onions are a thrifty buy. Brown onions are less pungent than white onions and ideal for adding depth of flavour.


Fresh corn on the cob is succulent, naturally sweet and truly sumptuous eating experience. Late summer is the best time to enjoy corn. Delicious microwaved for 2 minutes per cob and served hot with herb butter, or add kernels to a salad to a savoury muffin


Tempt the family with roasted carrots, carrot juice, carrot cake and honey and sesame seed stir-fried carrots or add carrots to a healthy stir-fry.


Glossy skinned and heavy for their size, eggplants are versatile and delicious

Snow peas

Crisp and fast to cook, vibrant-green Victorian grown snow peas are a thrifty buy.

Telegraph cucumbers

Telegraph cucumbers are great value this week.


Always a summer favourite; Add grated zucchini to pasta dishes, sauté sliced zucchinis with crushed garlic until tender or enjoy sliced zucchini cooked on the barbecue brushed with rosemary flavoured olive oil


New-season olives have started to arrive. If you’re into preserving your olives from now until the end of April is the ideal time to cure or salt your olives.

Cherry tomatoes

Plump and tasty cherry tomatoes are top value


Versatile mushrooms can be combined with just about anything to produce a tasty, ‘quick & easy’ meal. Firm, mild buttons are excellent in pasta dishes and salads, while full flavoured jumbo flats are scrumptious grilled or barbecued


Dress up a simple salad, pizza topping or nachos with avocado. Both Hass and large Reed avocados are in good supply.


Its fabulous time to enjoy fresh limes. Australian grown limes are plentiful, juicy and tangy


If you have ever travelled through South East Asia, you have probably seen or enjoyed the exotically different mangosteen. Its subtle, delicate, sweet-acid taste is refreshingly different and unlike other fruits. Australian grown mangosteens are in season for another 4-5 weeks, so don’t miss out of these delicious fruits.

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Make the most of peaches and nectarines the quality and value is superb.

Finger limes

Bursting with freshness finger limes bring a zingy citrus flavour and a delightfully crisp texture to a dish. They work well in sweet and savoury dishes adding a zesty vibrancy to crustaceans, oysters, scallops, smoked eel, crème fraiche, yoghurt, vodka, gin, beer, sparkling wine, avocado, cucumber, asparagus, melons, papaya, stone fruit, mango, custard. In season for a short time.

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With many varieties of late-season plums available, there are no limits to the delicious way to serve plums

Williams Pears

Williams pears are great to slice into salads, poach for breakfast to serve with yoghurt and muesli, add to a cake or crumble.


Riverina rockmelons are extra flavoursome. When selecting a rockmelon choice one with a pleasant aroma and feels heavy for its size. Once cut, store melons covered in the refrigerator

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Royal gala apples

Royal Gala apples are available from February through to August, they are a medium in size and the skin has a yellow base with red flushes


Be sure to pick up figs, this week as the quality is excellent. Naturally sweet figs are delightful slice and served with muesli, add them to a salad or enjoy them grilled or baked. Figs team superbly with prosciutto, cream, blue cheeses, raspberries, cream, honey, rocket and nuts.


Naturally sweet Sultana grapes are a tasty treat. Golden in colour and round in shape. If you fancy red/pink-skinned grapes look for crunch and flavoursome Ralli and Crimson seedless grapes are worth trying.

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Quality Queensland bananas are great value.

Sweet persimmon

Sweet persimmons season has started. Sweet persimmon also known as Fuji fruit look like are persimmon however unlike traditional persimmons, they can be eaten hard and crisp. Their attractive tangerine coloured flesh is a tasty addition to a salad or cheese board


Kiwiberries are the size of a large grape, green in colour and fuzz-free. When cut open, they look much like regular kiwifruit with emerald green colour and small black seeds arranged in a typical pattern. Their flavour is similar to kiwifruit; perhaps a bit sweeter, although sugar levels can vary.

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